Vriendschap (Friendship)

Built in 1889 in Breda (Amsterdam), Vriendschap is a 133-year old Dutch former cargo barge.

The barge in her former life would carry up to a maximum of 458 tonnes of cargo.

A Dutch Sleepvrachtschip (sleepboot) barge built in the Netherlands from riveted iron. She would have been towed on the river Rhine and its connected rivers by steam tugs, which would often tow several such barges at once. All riveted wrought iron displacement hull with pointed bow, counter stern and rounded chines. Built with lap and butt jointed shell on rolled steel ‘L’ angle frames. Originally built to a medium heavy standard.

Converted to a single screw motor ship in 1968 with a ‘Deutz 230 pk’ inboard six cylinder, naturally aspirated keel cooled diesel engine (engine no longer operational). The hull has not been lengthened or shortened and maintains the appearance as it was built originally in 1889.

Weighing approximately 200 tonnes, Vriendschap is 49.70m long, with a width of 7.44m.

Vriendschap is now 100% owned as a community asset by Ramsgate Arts Barge CIC.

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